Thank you for sharing your observations.

We can remember a few years back, standing next to the car at the 
intersection of Frosty Lane
and Rte 125 and being able to count 7 R.L.s in separate trees.

Denis and Maria

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Lovely RT soaring overhead yesterday here in Brownsville (West Windsor)  as 
I was observing for Project FeederWatch.  No RT's at all this winter. at 
least thus far.


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We took a tour of the Champlain Valley, driving to the Dead Creek area and
oking our way back, stopping at a number of favorite sites. Saw a RT along
onkton Road, between Hinesburg and Monkton, and a Sharpie just east of
oute 7 in Vergennes. The rest of the ride was surprisingly uneventful until 
rove onto Tri-Town Road and spotted anothe RT perched in a backyard tree.
t the water plant we found a wide-open lake with a raft of Common
ergansers  to the West off the point, and a raft of Common goldeneyes to
he East. Button Bay had large numbers of waterfowl but they were too far
ut to identify.
t Fort Cassin we saw at least 5 mature and 3 immature Bald eagles.
t was hard to keep track because they were flying about, so you had to be
areful not to double count birds.
 flock of Turkeys on a manure pile at the farm across from Fort Cassin Road
n Sand Road.
 RT along Rte 7 in Charlotte south of Ferry Road.
aw anothe flock of Turkeys in Charlotte, and at the Charlotte town beach a
aft of Buffleheads.
e were fortunate to spot a beautiful Red fox taking a stroll on the 
olf Course. Another RT on 116 between Cheese Factory road and Van Sicklen
oad, and a final flock of Turkeys at the farm on South Brownell Road across
rom Walker Hill Road.
e have been noting that we have not been seeing as many Rough-legged
awks this winter as compared to previous winters (only 2 so far), and we
ave been seeing more RTs, with many of those in locations where we have
ot seen Red Tails previously. We were wondering if other people have had
imilar experiences.
Denis and Maria Poley, Richmond