I stopped by the Intervale Compost Center Sat and Sun while in  
Burlington on errands.

Sat -- only 3 Great Black-backed gulls showed up during the 45 min. I  
was there?!  About 100 American Crows and 200 European Starlings plus  
2 Northern Cardinals and 3 Red-tailed Hawks.  3 more Red-tails along  
I-89 as we headed home.  1 American Kestrel along Rt 100B in Moretown  
1 mile south of Rt 2.

Sun -- no gulls - a complete shut-out, no hawks, same large numbers of  
Crows and Starlings.

I also drove out to the Grand Isle Causeway today (Sunday).  There was  
about 1/2 acre of open water on the south side.  21 Ring-billed gulls,  
3 Great Black-backed gulls, 1 male Common Merganser, 1 Female Common  
Goldeneye.  The wind was blowing 30kts+!!!  All the birds were  
hunkered down facing south into the wind.  Very few tried flying.  It  
was wild!

Stay dry -- big rain's coming.

Scott Sainsbury
Moretown, Bt.