Nope, you're not alone Bruce.
However, we have 5-6 regular Tree Sparrows, and 10-12 regular Junco's 
and 3-4 Goldfinch.  Nothing unusual lately. Yet before the storm and 
just after the storm we had about a dozen Redwings that would visit the 
feeders.  Other than the regulars, Downy, Hairy, we are surrounded by 
Chickadees, White-br Nuthatch, and during the warm spell a Red-breasted 
Nuthatch along with the bully Blue Jays and Mourning Doves, that is 
about it.
I would agree about the Goldfinches, but last year they didn't show up 
until the end of February, then we had them till the middle of November 
in very good numbers.
I must say we have been visited, only once, by Goshawk, Cooper's and 
Sharp-shinned this winter.

Great birding


Richard Harlow
Arrowhead Lake
Milton, VT

Peterson, Bruce wrote:
> In reading all the recent posts, I note a complete absence of tree sparrows.  We have a flock of about 10-15 at our feeder here in Middlebury.  Are we alone?  Bruce Peterson