I just entered the last month of Feeder Watch info - and the pattern  
here has been pretty much an absence of a pattern. 34 goldfinches one  
week, none the next (but usually 1-3, since late November). 19  
cowbirds one week, 3 the next. Tufted Titmice absent for three weeks  
running and then very much in evidence. A flock of eleven mourning  
doves once but very few most of the time. I even had a visitation of  
nine rock doves during one count period, the first I've seen at my  
feeders in a few years.

I've had tree sparrows since December, nine at once this morning.

The other regulars have been chickadees, crows (getting bolder and  
bolder, now approaching to within eight feet of my kitchen window),  
starlings, blue jays, one lone white-breasted nuthatch, and  frequent  
but not everyday hairy woodpecker pair and cardinal pair.

No siskins, pine grosbeaks or redpolls this year.

Maeve Kim
Jericho Center