I believe it's a Rafter of Turkeys, and they are polygynous with males 
mating with multiple females.

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Juncos and turkeys and cardinals

I have had a "gang" (party, convocation?)  of turkeys now for about 8 days
at my feeders; the houses around us don't seem to bother them.  They are the
same ones to gather around the feeders - 1 tom and 7 hens.   They go after
the millet on the ground.  I did not realize how far they can fly.  Are they

Juncos have been around now for about 5 days, lots of them, maybe 30 or so.

And, this year I have more cardinals - 5 pair in all.  They are spectacular
birds to watch.

Linda Verchereau Becker
Montpelier, VT

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