Random sightings in the Champlain Valley yesterday afternoon and this 
morning include:

---Northern Shrike on the Guinea Road in Charlotte.

---Two Coopers Hawks within 200 feet of each other at the farm at the 
corner of Cave Road and Hamilton Road, Weybridge .... one was carrying 
prey while the other watched from a tree.

---Kestrel at the corner of Hemenway Road and Rte. 22A in Bridport by 
active dairy farm.

---Three Bluebirds along Market Street in Bridport.

---Total of 32 Redtailed Hawks while traveling backroads from Charlotte 
to Shoreham.  The majority (at least 19) were juveniles, some (at least 
7) were adults.  One in a Ferrisburg bur oak was watching intently a 
robust coyote in rather lazy fashion harvesting voles (I presume) in a 
snowy meadow.