I have had little unusual to report this season from Brandon, but the pattern at my feeding stations seems to fit the state-wide pattern reported so far.  There are no irruptive species at the feeder this winter, and my seed consumption is way down.  Daily visitors include:
Chickadees 5-6
Cardinals  2
Goldfinch 3-5 (some days a few more)
Downy woodpecker 2
Hairy Woodpecker (at least 10
Blue Jays 2
Mourning Doves 3-5 (this is down from the crowd of 20+ I have had other years)
Tree Sparrows 10-12 (this is the usual number I have every winter, and the only group where I have not seen a decline.)

Semi-regular visitors.  These birds show up every few days or right after bad weather.

Tufted Titmice 3-4
Dark-eyed Junco 1
White-breasted Nuthatch  2
Red-breasted Nuthatch 1 (this was the first one in several years and came in with the Chickadees just two mornings ago.)

Today, Jan.31, I noted a new visitor to the yard for the winter season, although I have seen them here other winters.

Brown Creeper 1 

I have not had any other sparrows or blackbird family members as noted by other feeder watchers.

Mary Lou Webster