See below, has anyone used such small cell size for growing lettuce transplants, and with what success? thanks, Vern

We are using a 128 cell tray for lettuce and greens right now is looking at a similar sized tray from Proptek which has 144 cells.  The cell size is actually the same, but they fit more cells per tray because they don't need a rolled edge on the tray for strength like regular thermoformed trays have.  You can check them out at  The issue is that the 144s are made in California and the freight quote I got was $2500.  Proptek also makes a tray in Montreal which is a 231 count.  The cell volume is about 60% less.  From the little I know about it, it seems like most growers out West use much smaller cells than we do here for lettuce and greens.  Everyone I know in this area uses a 128 or similar tray for these crops.  Do you think we could get away with a 231 tray for these crops?   Do you know anyone using a smaller cell tray for lettuce?