Stowe, VT 24JAN2010


Sunday afternoon were we up at Stowe for school program session, and this week I was assigned what I call the “young advanced” group so I got to ski some different terrain than last session.  We started off at the bottom of Spruce, and since it was a bit above freezing there was some really nice carving where things had been groomed.  I hadn’t expected to be cutting trenches in the snow, but the warm temps and a bit of sun had done their thing on the lower slopes.  We spent the rest of the afternoon up on the Sensation Quad working on bumps, doing Whirlaway and then Upper Smuggler’s.  Conditions were much more in winter mode up top, with decent edgeable snow for the most part, but plenty of icy spots, and in the bumps some thin cover as well.  There was a little wind at the very top of Spruce ahead of the approaching storm, but that was it.  The trees looked decent, but the guys didn’t want to do any trees since they were focused on the bumps.  And, they were definitely intimidated by some of the off piste lines they saw up on the top half of Spruce – a lot of new ones have appeared since the last time I was up there and they are pretty serious.  One section of Lower Smuggler’s was closed due to poor coverage, but we headed over to the Side Street/Mogul Field area and there was a very steep groomed section of terrain with great snow that allowed me to work on steeps with the boys.  We did some unweighting, jump turning, pole planting etc. on fall away turns.  Obviously conditions will be notably different now after yesterday’s warm storm, but coverage shouldn’t be too bad unless the lower slopes took things quite differently than what I’ve seen here at the house or up at the stake.  At the house (495’), our snowpack went from 11 inches on Monday morning to 8 inches this morning, and the snow at the Mt. Mansfield stake went from 48 inches on Sunday afternoon to 44 inches on Monday afternoon to 46 inches this afternoon.  It has been snowing in the mountains today, and even in Burlington at times.  I’ll send along some snowfall/weather observations from today in a little bit.



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