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Best Ski Weather update for both WEST and EAST as mother nature takes a bit
of a breakfor much of North America...

Posted: 2010-01-12 14:56:33

Tuesday 1-12 forecast


Short term - Quiet weather pattern builds into Thursday with high pressure
in control up and down the east coast.  Please view today's SKIGOGG

Temperatures also to briefly spike for Thursday softening snows even up into
northern New England briefly. This will be followed by a couple brief fast
moving clipper type systems dropping a anywhere from a dusting to 4" at
resorts from Snowshoe WV to Sugarloaf Me. but is nothing spectacular with
best lake effect entrained moisture headed for central and northern Green
Mountains-Adirondacks from Whiteface to Titus to Sugarbush north to Jay

Southeastern rain storm Saturday shifts off mid Atlantic coast and stays
south of Baltimore-Washington DC region without any damage to the snow pack
further to the north and west into central and northern Appalachians. 

High pressure builds in Sunday and Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day bring
moderately cold temp's and bright winter sunshine. 

Next Week - Precipitation to be very limited with higher pressure building
in with one very weak Clipper type disturbance reaching upstate NY. and New
England Tuesday. Snowfall next week will be close to nil while temp's will
make a rise with much of the region building into the January thaw. 

Longer Range -  50/50 snow/rain for the weekend of the 23rd-24th. We'll
await the fire hose Pacific Jet stream cutting underneath of a developing
higher latitude block during the last week of January which could make a
stormy but marginally snowy pattern.  


Marginal storm system with high elevation rain/snow mix works inland while
drying out, heading for interior sections of the West including the Wasatch
and central western Colorado Rockies but nothing spectacular here but may up
to 10" in some locations which would be nice.

Longer Range - A Pacific Jet Stream Fire hose will kick in with marginally
colder air with a strong potential for feet of snow beginning around the
18th through the 26th of January. Snowfall will be measured in feet from the
Cascades and BC coastal range down through the Sierra into S. California and
east into Utah and very eventually penetrating through Utah and the Colorado
Rockies. The southern route through S. California into New Mexico may also
be active during this time, but best conditions will be seen in the mighty
Sierra Nevada, Cascades of Oregon and Washington north and eventually into
the Continental Divide region.  

Roger Hill --Best Ski Weather & Weathering Heights Consulting.

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