Just received notification that after this year, McGraw-Hill is doing an
Ebsco: their texts will no longer be available through aggregators, but only
through their own access point.  Sooo, Ovid and StatRef users: no more
Harrison's, Current Med Dx & Tx, Hurst's Heart, Williams Obstetrics.  You
get to teach your users yet ANOTHER place to search.  I have struggled
mightily to make life EASY for my users - "one stop shopping! start here for
access to ALL our resources!"  Ha.  It's just getting more and more
fragmented.  Want an LWW journal?  Gotta be from Ovid, no other option.
Gotta buy their hundred-title bundle for tens of thousands, with titles you
don't want, and then have to pay more to get important titles you really
need that they slyly won't include in the "bargain" bundle.

I am getting SO frustrated with this corporate bullying.  We are forced to
buy from them, on their terms, with their restrictions (can't send ILLs to
Canada, can't send electronic copies without paper copying first, can't fill
ILLs at all, ad nauseam), accessing only through their own websites with who
knows what kind of search function.  Isn't there some kind of trust /
monopoly issue here?  I was so proud of the academic community when they
stood up together to Nature and told them NO - we'll cancel your journals
before we'll put up with your embargoes - and Nature backed down.  I'm just
one little community hospital library - McGraw Hill won't even notice if I
tell them to go,  well, you know.

Makes me long for the days when we were able to pick title by title, what we
wanted and needed for our clientele.  When journals cost less than $1000 a
year.  When we got to KEEP the content we paid that $1000/yr for for as long
as we wanted it.  When we got to fill ILLs for each other without tying
ourselves into paper knots or else thumbing our noses at their absurd
restrictions and hoping for the best.

MLA - can't you help?  Stern letters? Anti-trust investigations?

Retirement is looking much too far away today.


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