Melanie Wilson writes

> I am writing regarding the new ORCID Initiative, "an independent,
> community effort to standardize researcher identification".  This
> work has important ramifications for the representation of
> authors/contributors, so it seems of interest to MEDLIB-L
> participants.

  At this time, I don't understand what this effort is about. The
  announcement talks about "A disambiguated set of authors". It is not
  clear to me what that means. But I have recently been asked to join
  the ORCID technical working group, so I may be able to understand it
  better soon. I am going to my first meeting next Friday, the 22nd.

  I have been the pioneer in author identification by authors
  themselves.  I created what is now the RePEc Author Service for the
  RePEc digital library in economics, at

  From an independent list of 1000 top authors in economics, over 80%
  are registered. Here is a web page representing the profile of an

  and here are two web pages represent this information within the
  broader context of the RePEc digital library.

  I am working on extension of the RePEc Author Service to all
  disciplines, in a new service called AuthorClaim, see

  Currently, over 70,000,000 authorships can be claimed. All of the
  PubMed data is claimable there, and there are other datasets.  All
  author profiles are freely available to the public. I intend to
  continue to expand this service. Anybody who wants to help can join


  Thomas Krichel          
                                               skype: thomaskrichel