Stuart Spore writes

> Is there anything specific that we should do to encourage MLA's particpation?

  Well I guess it depends what specifically do you want MLA to
  do. Author identity is not a new problem. I am not sure what MLA
  have done in the past. Why would they get involved in the future?

  What I can tell you is that within PubMed, the identification of
  authors is a very difficult problem to solve. For example, consider
  an AuthorClaim web profile

  Looks easy enough. Here is the real profile. It is 1.5 megabytes

  That data contains 936 refused items, i.e. items that have the same
  author name, but are done by a different person. It's really the
  auther herself who has to do that work. I can't see it done by
  machine, and I don't see the resources that libraries will do it
  manually. If one thing is clear to me about ORCID, is that it will
  not promote authority control.


  Thomas Krichel          
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