Posting on behalf of a colleague ... Vicki has done a terrific job of
improving our Intranet site.  Hope this is helpful.


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Could you please post for me?  I don't subscribe to the list serv.

We just went live with a new intranet web site for our hospitals and
clinics.  We use Ektron CMS to manage our content.

About two years ago, we went to Mayo (Rochester, MN) and looked at their
library's intranet site because several physicians here in Milwaukee had
completed a library survey and asked why our site couldn't be more like
Mayo's.  Mayo's  library staff was very generous!  They shared their
experiences and screen shots with us.   That gave us lots of  ideas.  We
then brought those ideas to our web developer.

The home page is three columns and the secondary pages are two columns.  We
have drop down navigation and a Search box on each page. The center portion
of the home page offers frequently used services and our Patient/Consumer
piece. Our biggest complaint with our old site was people couldn't  find
things so the Search site feature was a big improvement for us.

We also offer our users the ability to personalize their pages like Mayo

We will be soon be creating an Aurora Libraries facebook page and we have
an internal "twitter like" Aurora Libraries group that gives our caregivers
updates on what we are doing.  I will market those social media options on
our site as they are developed a little more thoroughly next month.

Attached is a Word document with some screenshots of what our site looks

Hope this helps you!

(See attached file: AuroraLibraries.doc)
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Hello!  I am meeting with our marketing department next week to talk about
my library web page.  Does anyone have a great hospital library web page?
I am especially interested in hospital web sites but any library web site
will do for design purposes.  Also looking for some ideas of updating the
general hospital web site.  So if anybody thinks their website is good or
doing something unique or offering a unique service... please send it

Anything I should think about, remember, not forget?   My page will be a
combination consumer and medical so any tips will be welcome.  Design tips
also will be very welcome.

Thanks so much!


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