I know that Amy has answers, but thinking that MLA response to this
and any future disasters would be to maintain & regularly update a
reference page with organizations/people to contact for volunteering -
all medical personnel - and also reputable places to donate.

Also, support resources for setting up volunteers with PDA resources
that can be downloaded before leaving.  Perhaps we could work with
content providers to get them to donate to this effort?  Satisfied
users might be likely to purchase when they return home.  We just had
a question on PDA resources for nurses on the NAHRS list, with someone
suggesting page from Jeanne Batten at Yale:; links to
another page from Arizona for all providers.   I remember nurse who
came to a workshop I helped teach in Louisiana who wanted this
information for use on a cruise ship; sounds good for situations like
Haiti with cell towers down.

I'm on a few nursing lists where I'd pass on this information; others
could do same for other professions.  Helps remind them of our role...

Later on we might help stock mini-reference libraries...

Hope this helps - Peg

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 6:56 AM, Amy Frey <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Please forgive the multiple cross-postings.  A physician would like to
> go to assist in Haiti and can leave immediately.  If anyone knows of any
> "missions" that could use his assistance, please advise ASAP.  General
> medicine with 2 years surgery rotation completed.
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