Good Morning.


I have one of those awful Monday morning requests and I have not had any
luck with it so far.   I am hoping that someone out there is more awake
than I am and can help me locate the article (or whatever it is).  I am
looking for:


Porter. O'Grady, Tim.  "Empowerment and Shared Governance Handbook"
Nursing 97, March 1997


The problem is that I cannot find this on the Nursing website archives
or in our electronic database (which does have March 1997 Nursing97 but
not this article).

It is not listed on PubMed that I can find and doing a general search
only comes up with the author's website which does not give any more


I am guessing that maybe it is a supplement or something that is just
not listed anywhere?  If there is anyone who can help me identify &
provide a copy of this article, I would be most grateful.


Thanks so much!



Annette Campbell, MLIS 
Medical Librarian /CME Coordinator 


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