Taos is an absolute gem.  Better than anyplace in CO IMHO.  Any good and adventurous skier must go there before they die.  It is better than Alta when both places have good snow, also IMHO.  I have had wonderful luck there with snow.  On my last trip in 2006 it snowed 30" the day before son & I arrived and another 30 on our second day.  Avalanches kept Kachina Peak closed, as well as the chutes.  We discovered that the tree skiing is spectacular, steep and plentiful.  It was late March.  Taos has good years and bad for snow.  The steep stuff needs a lot of snow to cover the rocks.  If it is good you'll never forget it.  As to the GF, no ski resort can afford to not have green & blue terrain, but Taos doesn't have much; you might want to plan a day or two somewhere else. 
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