Tag Gross wrote on 1/20/10 7:58 AM:

> Don't try and disguise pure selfishness with some kind of BS altruistic
> motivation.

I'm w Tag here (minus the venom, maybe).

Fact: A given trail and a given amount of snow will support a given number
of skiers before it's tracked out.*
Rhetorical question: Why is it "better" that those skiers be "us"?
Conclusion: "Better for us" is what's meant, i.e. selfishness.** Pretending
otherwise is hypocrisy.

Justin makes a good--poetic even--but ultimately unconvincing case for the
deservedness of those who have suffered most for their skiing. Personally I
feel (reductio ad absurdam:) the ones who most deserve freshies are the ones
who have driven the longest distance to get to them.

* Yes, some skiers conserve pow better than others. Which is a different
rant. If that's what your argument here relies on... pretty weak.

** Wanna argue that stashes should not be revealed online for list-selfish
reasons? Fine.


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