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> It sure feels like spam to me, but I was hoping that someone else
> would have the courage to speak up.  

What part is spam?  Unless my e-mail client is filtering stuff out, I couldn't even find a link to something, let alone find anything that says "buy this" or "spend money", or any of the usual spam type annoyances.

>It would appear to me that Roger
> Hill is trying to use SkiVT-L as free publicity.  That stinks, if you
> ask me.  

If he was just saying "I do great weather reports and I'd be happy to sell them to you" - that would be free publicity.  But the fact that he is giving us useful information and leaving it as an exercise for the reader to connect the dots - well, it seems far less stinky than a lot of the off topic posts that consistently show up in this forum. 

>That he works with a sleazeball 

Maybe this is the real problem?

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