OK, Sometimes I wonder why I get involved, there are amends I gotta make. 
First, as I reread the posts, bullying was certainly too strong a word.  I
guess the backchannel thing got to me a bit, and I do feel putting that
out to the general list was rude.  So I regret that choice of words.

If Roger shared a line that he maintained with someone, and then that
someone posts it on the internet, then I can certainly see why that breeds
resentment.  I have been in the same situation so I can understand. 
Because of this, we are careful about who we share these places with, and
where we look for new stuff.  These days, if you are 'maintaining' lines
anywhere near a road, or a well-travelled trail, you can't really expect
it to remain private very long.  People follow tracks, word gets out, etc.
 You have to pick your buddies carefully, and look for terrain so remote
that most people won't bother to look for it, and won't return even if
they find it.  If on the other hand, someone is sharing a place that they
like, well, so much of this has happened already that I have grown to
expect it.  It's nothing new, so it doesn't bother me so much anymore.

I also don't think that the terrain posted up Camel's Hump is a big deal,
because I don't ski there. I will respect that others who use that terrain
disagree.  If my spots were broadcasted I would not be so happy either,
(understatement of the year).  However, when they do get discovered, this
has brought other rewards, because we have had to look further and further
afield for terrain to ski.  We have found glorious spots that we would
never have found otherwise.

Some of my reaction is based on the fact that I really really like Jay's
posts.  I really love the ones with his kids, as it brings back fond
memories, and I like the weather reports.

So that popping sound you hear is me pulling my head out of a very dark


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