Okay, so I'm hard on equipment. 

Black Diamond in Salt Lake used to have a deal where for $75 they would
completely refurbish your Scarpa Boots. Since BD is now making their own
boots and no longer represent Scarpa this deal is done.

I have found this list: of
Boot Repair shops recommended by Scarpa.

Has anyone tried any of these shops? Any recommendations for Scarpa Boot repair?

I have two pairs of T1s: the bumble bees and an all black from around 1998.
The shells of each are in good shape, but the black ones could use a full
set of new buckles. The Bumble Bees are in better shape, but I yanked the
d-ring safety strap connector out on a fairly spectacular fall. 

Any advice is helpful. In the absence of collective list wisdom I will
probably try Larry's Boot fitting in Boulder CO, as I am visiting there at
the end of Feb. for school vacation (and the imminent delivery of our first

Thanks in advance.


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