I just got back from my western trip, and to be honest: it didn't really snow a whole lot. I managed to pick a string of days in which downtown Burlington outperformed Little Cottonwood Canyon. How often does that happen? Oh well. I can't complain about low avalanche conditions! More on that trip later when I can get my thoughts organized after that whirlwind tour.

In the meantime, to clear my head after a long stretch on the road, KC and I decided to head over to Bretton Woods where we heard that their backcountry terrain was filling in really well this year. We rolled into the parking lot at the crack of 9am, checked in with patrol at the bottom of the tram, exited through the gate...

...and headed out into what is undoubtedly the best backcountry of any ski mountain on the east.

The frost had been doing interesting things as we passed 3000 feet.


Get the camera ready...

Someone got the choice line already. Shucks... we'll just have to keep pushing on and hope plan B is still fresh.

Guess the name of hut in the clouds.

Man the Bretton Woods BC is just INSANE! I hope they never put this stuff on the map! Skin track stoke:

Looks like someone put in some work with some high speed quads!

Finally, time for some DOWN!

There's just something about the Bretton Woods backcountry, and black and white.

Easily one of the most beautiful days I've had on the East Coast.

What can I say when I get to ski in a place like this?

Down lower the terrain got kind of rowdy. I can't believe you can access this thing from Bretton Woods! What if someone ended up in here who didn't belong! I bet if they gave it a name like like "The Wild West Side of Bretton Woods," that would keep out the riff raff. Here is KC negotiating the crux of a descent: a tricky pitch with snow mixed with thinly buried rock and ice above a gaping hole of water and ice.

But KC managed it with a smile!

ROWDY! Yee haw!

With just a few minutes before the Bretton Woods avi control started throwing charges to get ready for the next day of safe avalanche free skiing we made it back to the car, and headed back to the safe east side. Thanks for tuning in! I'll be getting my west coast stuff organized into something sensible in the next few days.

BC me if you want more specific beta.
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