Nice weekend ...........
Good edgeable skier packed on Saturday.  Some of the woods skied nicely.  Groomers were very good and I had a blast on them.  Very nice day.  The bunkhouse was packed and monstrous amounts of pasta was cooked up
Sunday, the mountain was starting to show some wear and tear, but still lotsa' fun.  Our Telechica continues to make progress with our patrol, having run a sled down Lower Paradise among other things.
Today, 7-8cm of new really livened things up.  Panther was very nice for trail check and Snail was untracked blue heaven and ditto for Chipmunk.  With the new snow on old skier packed, one could ski nice and fast on the blues.  I got first chair with Josh on Birdland and I just had to open my mouth about good snow on Robin, so he grabbed his kids and they roared ahead of me onto Robin, getting the goods.  We got a report about the possibility of some skier injured halfway down Paradise and I went on the scouting mission for that which I looked forward to.  Nothing turned up.  It was at that point that the temps seemed to have spiked and snow was transformed into taters.  After my mid-day stint on top of The Dub, hardwomen Marta got a hold of me and forced me down Partridge-Slalom Hill-Periwinkle with some good high speed mashed tater turns with her and her animal friends from NH.  So much fun, we repeated.  Some mist was had at the end of the day, but turns for sweep down Panther/Wren were fun.  When I left at about 5:15PM, snow started to fall and mixed snow/rain was had on drive down I-89.
Mark P. Renson
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