fully agree.  pay your dues.  get out there, hike around in summer, poke around in winter.  gotta put in the time to appreciate.

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Justin Woods <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 18:02:33 -0500, Brian Waters <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I think I should chime in here, given the epic flame war that I started here
>almost two years ago, on a similar topic (I'm still traumatized)...

Don't give yourself too much credit, Brian -- though you may have busted your cherry on
that, you weren't our first, and sorry to say, it was far from epic.  But yes, this topic has
been thrashed about.  Obviously, it's still a hot-button issue.

>Secondly, I'd like the take the opportunity to once again express the
>disappointment that I feel that a bunch of skiers like us can't just share
>some fun-finding information with each other. I wish some of you guys
>thought more like skiers out west.

We do indeed share information.  Loads of it.  It seems, however, that the preferred
method for many of us is face-to-face, ski-to-ski.  A little discretion, if you please.

>At any rate, I enjoy your posts, Jay. Keep up the good work, just try not to
>piss anyone off.

And that's what makes this polemic so... interesting?  I feel that Jay's contributions are
most excellent, and his dedication to them and to the historical data are incredibly
important.  That is why it bums me out to see this original post.  No, the Monroe trail is
not such a secret stash -- but you could see this thread coming from the onset (as clearly
as you could see WWalker's line through the trees -- ouch).

See, there's a bigger question: have you earned it?

There are lots of ways to earn it, and everyone who reads this and can slide on snow has
the potential to do it.  Here are six steps to success in the BC -- with all due respect to
the BC community -- as I see it:

1.  Pay your dues.
2.  Pay some more.
3.  Pay even more than you thought possible -- shwip shwap up the nose, hours of
slogging back up after getting cliffed-out, impenetrable thickets, water bars, broken gear,
wrong skis, wrong wax, wrong snow, wrong timing -- sweat and blood, sweat and blood -
- (that is how we learn, no?!)
4.  Finally, receive the sweet reward.
5.  Pass it on **in person**.
6.  Repeat steps 1-5 in no particular order.

Skipping steps 1-3 seems so cheap to me -- it's like learning to tele with plastic boots.

And no, most people don't make it past step one, nor are they likely to swarm the north
side of the Rump on Saturday.  But then, I never thought the parking "lot" at the TD
would be full to capacity by 7 AM on the weekend.

As you were,

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