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>Do you not see the huge juxtaposition of these two comments?  It's
>exactly because everything that is sent to the List is shared with
>almost 500 people and not just a bunch of skiers, and is available for
>all to see and search, that these types of posts endanger the wildness
>of the woods.
>Frankly, I find it sad that so many people are oblivious to the joys
>of experiencing a wild place and so thoughtlessly and obliviously seek
>to strip it away so that one day, there is none left to treasure.

Actually the exact opposite is true. For years conservationists have
realized that the way you protect wilderness is to expose people to it. Let
them know what's out there and what the experience is like even if they
can't experience it themselves.

Don't try and disguise pure selfishness with some kind of BS altruistic

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