On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 9:29 AM, Bruno <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Yes, Roger, respect other visitors, protect the quality of their
experience and realize that whether bc visitors have "paid their dues"
or gained information from a guidebook or the interweb, they have the
same right to be on that public piece of land as you do, whether they
visit VT one day a year or live there full time.
They do have the right.  But publicizing it online leads to a quicker deterioration of conditions, and thus lessening the quality of MY(yes, selfish but generally community standard) experience.  I don't affect the quality of someone's experience by not giving details, but someone giving details affects the quality of mine. 
I don't care about "pay your dues", I've shown many people lines they didn't work for.  But that number is much smaller than the thousands that will see Jay's posts(please note I enjoy his weather, photos,  and kid updates, and am only talking about backcountry trs).
Michael's right that what Jay has posted is not even quality skiing compared to what's out there, but Jay will eventually walk the extra 500 yards on one of his trips and stumble on one of the classics.  I can't count how many time he's come close.  And yes, those classics will have been maintained by someone on this list.  And he will have earned every right to enjoy them.  But not the right to affect the quality of my experience.  And as a member of the backcountry community, I feel he should be respecting that. 

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