The anti-geospatial exactitude camp (AGEC), as represented by Alex, Patrick, Matt, et al., believes that we ski in the backcountry to escape the crowds, to enjoy the woods, to enjoy exploring those woods. On skis.

The posting of exact locations accelerates the crowding of the woods and diminishes the opportunity for exploration. Said posting has an impact--negative--on the experience of others. That's selfishness in my book.

The AGEC recognizes that all of our actions have an impact on the experience of others, so, accordingly we should seek to minimize those impacts. 

A well-written trip report can encourage and inspire others' exploration without removing the opportunity for said others to explore for themselves--even if everybody who's "cool" already know about the place.

The AGEC does not believe that only they have the right to enjoy the backcountry, rather they hope to preserve the experience for others (and themselves). This may be a futile hope in the end, but one that the AGEC believes worth striving for.

Members of the AGEC: feel free to correct any misrepresentations I may have presented above.

caveat lector

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 8:19 PM, Brian Waters <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Caveat Lector wrote:
Alex, Patrick, and Matt K. presented non-antagonistic, selfless, thoughtful points that have nothing to do with due-paying, secrecy, or selfishness.

There have been so many posts on this topic today, that I couldn't attempt to specify who-said-what. If what you say is true, than my post wasn't directed at anything those three have said. And for the record, one doesn't have to talk about selfishness in order to talk selfishly.
Brian, Nathan, et al., you don't understand, you really don't. Alas, your selfish attitudes have an impact on others.

I think I we get it, we just don't agree. We never will.

- BW

P.S. Could you please explain how our attitude of sharing is selfish?

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