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BSW Eastern update - 

Posted: 2010-01-21 13:58:32

THURSDAY 1-21-10

EAST - Short term Update.

Though no snow will fall, conditions across the Northeast up into Quebec
were in fair to good shape on the slopes, though snowfall has been scanty,
most areas were considered adequate though dwindling snow cover, and we
certainly could have used a couple big dumps of snow in recent weeks.
High pressure will make for gorgeous weather conditions with loads of
sunshine Friday and Saturday and into the first part of Sunday.

Thereafter-- Sunday PM, Clouds will thicken as a band of rain pushes in. It
may start off as a mix of precipitation types with slippery travels and the
threat of some icing Sunday afternoon into the night. Low pressure that will
move northeast and across the Laurention plain of Canada will wash out the
region with significant surge of warm moist air - part of the complex of
storms lashing the WEST.

Longer range - Some minor snowfalls will ensue next week but no big action
was anticpated until perhaps toward the last weekend of the month. we'll
have more on that as time permits.

Below is todays Skigogg see scaled snow precipitation in the EAST on the


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