Here are a few more pictures, in addition to the ones posted below.  I still
can't believe what transpired up at the mountain last night and this
morning... I thought we might pick up an inch or so overnight.  Turns out it
was more like an inch-per-hour overnight.  

And what makes it so much better is that yesterday was quite possibly the
worst ski day of the season.  I was so bummed because we are spoiled up here
and usually get at least some snow on the backside of a thaw... we rarely
have to suffer through a day like Tuesday.  I only took two runs on Tuesday;
the second run was just to confirm that it really was as bad as my first run
indicated.  Alas, the frozen granular didn't make it more than 24 hours
before Mansfield tickled the snow gods and produced a full on powder day.

This is middle National this morning...what was a sheet of ice yesterday is
deep powder heaven today.

Yanni on Bypass proper... 'nuff said.

Yanni's roommate Frank on Bypass, shredding a deep line down the side.  As I
told Josh A. in a backchannel email, areas immediately under Mansfield's
ridge or in the vicinity of the Kitchen Wall might have gotten wind-loaded
from above as there was certainly more than a foot in spots.

These two weren't even going to come to the mountain today, expecting
horrible conditions...but an early morning phone call convinced 'em.  They
were glad they came.

Dave didn't get my message that it dumped until around 9:30am but with
absolutely no one at the mountain, there was no fighting for fresh tracks. 
Ahh, the power of the surprise dump.

With more snow in the forecast, the next couple days on Mansfield are
looking pretty sweet...


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>On Wednesday, January 27, 2010, at 03:05 PM, Scott B wrote:
>Looks like Kim put some of my shots online already so here's some proof...
>This kid named Forrest that I skied a run with... this is on National and
>all of this fell last night.
>My buddy Yanni having some fun in the Goat woods...
>My roommate Dave in Goatdive...
>Yeah. It was good.

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