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>Skin-tight racing suit?  Check.  (Tomorrow is the annual Stowe Schuss
>SG.  I guess I'm waxing for cold.)
>I thought it was the other way around in regards to upper and lower
>below zero temps, but now I'm not so sure.  Scott D2K?  RH?  A little
>help please.

Upper 40s below zero to me means -47F to -49F... haha, not that it matters
at that point.  Tomorrow is going to be downright brutal.  Forecast for the
upper mountain at 9am tomorrow is -14F ambient temp with winds up to 55mph
out of the NW.  

With the winds we are expecting tomorrow, there's a good chance you are
going to be hiking over to the top of the Schuss start on West Slope from
the top of the Alpine Double, haha.  Whenever winds are forecast to exceed
50mph is when we start to have lift issues and a NW wind hammers the top
terminal of the Sunny Spruce Quad.  Of course, the forecasts could be wrong
and if its only 35-40mph, then the lifts will be ok but boy will it be
brutally cold.

Every year there's at least 1 or 2 days with wind chills getting near -50F
and tomorrow might just end up being the coldest day of the winter on the
mountain.  We've had some sub-zero days but nothing like negative mid-teens
with strong winds.  Ski patrol was joking today that they will need to put a
sign at the base of the FourRunner that says, "You already have frostbite. 
Do you really want to get on this lift?"  

Saturday looks a tad warmer (relatively speaking) with less wind and we
moderate a bit on Sunday too, so the weekend warriors should be ok.


ps: The skiing today did not suck.  Its amazing what a difference one good
snowfall can make...there's really no indication that it rained 2" then
froze solid earlier in the week.  There are still plenty of stashes out

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