Saturday was a nice day.  We got word that a part of Upper Antelope was closed earlier in the week due to a family of moose camping out there.  Good groomers, nice bumps and the woods skied nice throughout the day and I even found some untracked in the woods.  Skies were incredibly clear and we were trying to figure out if we were actually seeing the Mahoosucs in NH/ME.  I could see mountains in Coos County including those pretty beefy ones near Groveton/Stratford.  Again, the turns were very nice and I think I may have skied harder than I realized (re: a bit burnt today).  An NSP Instructor Development course was conducted, led by Christian and Chris Greenwood which apparently went over very well and it was fun afterwards to have some of the other NoVT patrollers hang around to mingle with.
Today ........ well, Sharon hit the nail on the head.  The place was getting a bit tired.  Slick and hardpack in many places.  Somehow, it just wasn't the same as the prior day.  Panther was nice on sweep probably because things were softening up a bit due to the impending fugly disaster looming ahead and in progress right now.
Mark P. Renson
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