BEST SKI WEATHER EAST update - looking ahead after the dismal rains winds and warmth...

Posted: 2010-01-25 11:56:30

Monday afternoon 1-25-10

EAST – Short term Update…

Rain-rain Rain, oh and some wind to go with that – how about some wet fries?

Short term -- Rain and "fog eating" snow currently with a net loss of snow especially those resorts that rely only on natural snow. Temperatures peaking in the lower 50s with this the last of the January thaw locally for the region.  What snowpack remaining after warm air advection fog rolling off the slopes and snow fields melts of the snow, and what flooding and ice jams which were also a looming possibility Monday night and Tuesday across  some parts of the Northeast, we'll see a return to winter cold - good snow making and then finally some light off an on natural snow across far northern New york and northern New England.

Longer Range – Some improvement. though it will be extremely slow to get replacement snows packing any major punch.

Jet stream energy in two EL-Nino like split branches look “out of phase” with one short wave trough of low pressure working to fast eastward  in the northern polar branch and the sub-tropical jet stream being the main drive not quite hooking up in time and therefore a miss for most of the Northeast U.S. But this could change and it’s our best semi-near term hope.

Another hope is “lake effect” with more arctic surges to clip the Northeast U.S. this might be better choice in that a storm vs. a "moisture laden flow" is a weaker forecast at this time, but we shall see.

Longer range studies of the 1969 analog for the month of February indeed are similar to what the models suggest – late blooming Nor’easter’s too far east to have much of an effect where the big ski resorts are located.

See Snowman's compilation this Monday....

SnowManJo's deepest..Snowfall totals around NA.....

Posted: 2010-01-25 10:59:09

Today's Powder Dumps
14"     Mt. Hood Meadows     OR
12"     Crystal Mountain     WA
12"     Mount Washington Alpine Resort     BC
11"     Mt. Bachelor     OR
10"     Mt Hood Skibowl     OR
10"     Kirkwood     CA
10"     Vail     CO
8"     Stevens Pass     WA
7"     Alta     UT
7"     Snowbird     UT

Deepest Base
137"     Alpine Meadows     CA
135"     Sugar Bowl Ski     CA
133"     Mt Baker     WA
130"     Boreal     CA
130"     Soda Springs     CA
130"     Hemlock Resort     BC
126"     Mount Washington Alpine Resort     BC
120"     June Mountain     CA
120"     Mammoth Mountain     CA
113"     Wolf Creek     CO


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