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On February 2, 2010, the Regional Educational Technology Network (RETN), the Center for Research on Vermont's public-access television partner, will broadcast the Center for Research on Vermont-sponsored program
,  "Music of the Somali Bantu in Vermont: Music, Identity, and Refugees,"  by Simeon Chapin (M.A. Tufts University), with Omar Hussein Mohamed, a Somali Bantu musician:

This seminar presents the first known study of Somali Bantu music culture in relocation here in the U.S. The research is based on fieldwork with the Somali Bantu community of Burlington, Vt., and illustrates how musical practices once separate in Somalia are joined in relocation. This original research provides a reference for future work with Somali Bantu music, studies of the Somali Bantu in the U.S., studies of refugee artistic practice, and as a data point for studies of refugee acculturation in Vermont. Local Somali Bantu musician and research partner Omar Hussein Mohamed performs songs from the repertoire.
The program, which runs 1 hour and 18 minutes, was originally presented as a Research Seminar on November 20, 2008 It airs on Comcast Cable on Channel 16 (both North and South) as follows:

        Tuesday, February 2, 2010, at 3 A.M.
        repeats at 9 A.M.
        Also available as video on demand at <>.

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