DAC - Here is a note from Jay Taylor with respect to a possible addition to the UVM Campus - I want to assess the DAC thoughts this week - please give it a review - thanks


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Hi there folks. I am e-mailing you, the major UVM stakeholders related to this, to talk about the 
Akoo University music system (that's a company, not a school)... At the last Dining Services Advisory Committee meeting I spoke briefly about a system that the Student Board of Directors is looking at which is essentially a high-tech jukebox. By high-tech I mean that, instead of playing songs, the system plays music videos and students select these videos by either text messaging a certain number or by going online and placing their song orders that way.

Because the service is ad based (there are ads next to the music videos as they play) there is no cost to UVM or Sodexo (besides the cost of powering a couple tv screens), and after looking at the system for SBOD purposes I think it's worth looking at for UVM. I've attached the .ppt presentation that Akoo sent to me and below is an article that was written about them recently.


Besides the potential to keep customers in a venue for longer, this has the potential to enhance the quality of the dining experience and is also the kind of thing that students would think is pretty nifty.

Apparently Akoo is very interested to placing their system on UVM campus, and they've found that service providers (i.e. Sodexo) find retail locations to be the best places for their systems. The area that comes to mind for me is the Davis Center Marketplace, but that is obviously something we would want to talk about.

I am basically trying to gauge interest at this point. I know that I think this would be a good addition to what we currently offer at UVM but it would take support from Sodexo, from Dining Services, from the SGA, and (if it goes into the Davis Center) the DC Advisory Committee. Does it make sense to discuss this at the next DSAC meeting? The guy I have been talking with from Akoo would be willing to call in to one of those meetings so explain the system...I'm sure he can do it better than I can.

Take a quick look at the .ppt and the article and let me know if you think this is something we should consider for UVM.

- Jay

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Jay – thanks for the update…


·         The Akoo University Network is a mobile-activated social music television music service that allows students to select customized music video entertainment. The network is powered by our patented technology platform that empowers consumers to select customized entertainment, informational, and marketing programming – on demand – using their mobile phone as a “universal remote control” and have their entertainment selections publicly performed over digital LCD flat panel screens. Typically, we are installing the service at university residential & retail food courts, student unions or game room locations.


The attached deck will provide you with our current overview that highlights the tremendous success we have had with our service along with photos of the University of Tennessee Presidential Dining Hall installation and our AUN IT Network requirements document.


Recent Akoo University Network usage statistics as of December 1st 2009:
  • 357 days live,(excluding school breaks)
  • 121,059 selections have been made
  • 340 on-demand selections, on average, made daily
  • 13,808 unique student consumers have accessed the service


The Akoo University Network broad business relationship terms proposed are as follows:


·         Akoo installs the Akoo University Network – social music television service into an approved campus food court/dining hall facility.
·         No upfront cost to the food services provider or university.
·         The Akoo University next generation media network programming featuring individual school branding is provided free of charge.
·         Akoo sells national sponsorships to “brands” that want to reach the college consumer.


For more information, please visit http://www.akoo.com to learn about the Akoo mobile-interactive social music television network.


Thursday at 3:30 EST works for me although I am free this afternoon if you want to have a quick call to make sure we are on the same page as to the history of events vis-à-vis Akoo and Sodexo. I look forward to hearing from you soon.





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Jay Taylor, 2010
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