Personally, if I wasn't going to be buying a smartphone with an
"anywhere" data plan, but I needed a small easy to use device for on the
go, I would by myself a netbook, they are just as cheap... and seem more
practical than getting a PDA decide these days. If he plans to use
calendar, than he will need an internet connection, which means he will
need access to a wireless network... which means hes going to have to be
in a place where he plans to use the device on wireless. That is, unless
he wants to just sync up his calendar from time to time, which seems
like a major pain, but okay.

Then again, if hes planning to use it for other features, such as note
taking etc... and absolutely needs it to be hand held, then perhaps a
netbook isn't the way to go... but seems to me with the more powerful
devices that come out, and the phones with data plans... then nobody is
going to be purchasing handheld devices anymore. Even the old great
devices like the Dell Axim are no longer available other than in a phone
version. But what do I know, its all about preference, and Im sure
theres many that want handhelds still.

So to answer your actual question...

- A used Palm as suggested is good... it has nice calendar syncing
features with Oracle.
- A windows mobile based device may be less desirable based on the
difficulty it may have with syncing with calendar. Though I used to love
windows mobile phones.
- May I remind folks that the iPod Touch is virtually an iPhone w/out
the phone features and required data plan... it syncs and the few
calendar apps that sync are nice, including Wes's script.... my partner
has one for virtually the same reason and she uses it as a PDA and loves
it. I hear positive feedback about it all the time... and its wireless
internet capabilities certainly are nice. Personally thats the route Id
go if I were looking for a handheld.


On 2/5/2010 2:01 PM, Avery Bacon wrote:
> The main aversion to a smartphone is paying for a data plan he has no
> intention of using.  He currently has a Palm Pilot which does
> everything he needs but it seems to be reaching the end of its life.
> -Avery Bacon
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> IT Support Coordinator
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> Quoting "Cummings, Brian" <[log in to unmask]>:
>> So,
>> This person is not going to need his contacts, and I assume doesn't text
>> ever?
>> The biggest problem with this is that oracle only works with certain
>> machines. Does he have a specific aversion to smartphones?
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>> Subject: PDA to sync with Oracle Calendar
>> Hi All,
>> I have a user who is considering purchasing a new PDA device and does
>> not want to invest in a smartphone.  The PDA would need to synchronize
>> with Oracle calendar, preferably so that updates can be made using
>> either the PDA or a computer.  He does not need the PDA for wireless,
>> contacts, or email.
>> Is there a specific device/software you can recommend for this use?
>> Thanks,
>> -Avery Bacon
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