On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 2:31 PM, Andrew Hendrickson
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> Palm Desktop is incompatible with the most recent versions of MacOS and Windows, I believe.  So, you may be able to replace the device indefinitely with ebay hardware, but the software is going to be unusable in the near future.

From the FWIW Department:

I've been running Palm Desktop V4.2.1 for some time, through many
versions of Mac OS X (now Snow Leopard / 10.6), to sync with a few
different models of Palm. (ex: Palm m505 and Kyocera 7135 - which I
use now; best thing out there, aside from an iPhone. :)

It's taken a bit of fiddling, though it is possible and works well.

Your point is well taken; it's not *officially* supported and it's a
technology dead end - though I don't foresee it breaking any time soon
and it's got decent functionality.

- Marc