I would say records restoration, preservation, and computerization, to give yourself that option when you are ready.

-BobbiAt 11:02 AM 1/25/2010, you wrote:
Thatís sounds good to me.  I canít think of any changes I would make to it.
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Would someone be interested in reading the article as I have it worded right now and let me know if it sounds appropriate for our warning?  Kathy DeWolfe recommended that I put it out to the Muninet for feedback.  Thank you to anyone who can be of help. 
Deb Hawkins
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Would the following be appropriate wording for an article asking the town to increase our reserve from $1 to $2 for records restoration/preservation?  I appreciate any input you may have.
                                      I.     Shall the Town increase the reserve from $1.00 per page to $2.00 out of each $10.00 per page recording fee for the purpose of town records restoration and preservation?
Thank you, and have a great day!!
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Hi Deb,
I'm out sick today and I would need to look at the statute to tell you for sure.  Deb M is busy with lots of calls.  I head for a meeting in Washington DC tomorrow for the rest of the week.
I think if you email muninet one of the other clerks will be able to assist you.
Best, Kathy
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