Yep.  Didn't work out.  The DTC sued the town and we had to settle.  

Kathy B



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Subject: delinquent tax collector penelty


Our Selectboard wants to continue our penalty for late taxes at 8%.


But only pay the delinquent tax collector 4% and the town make a little more
than just the interest. 


As far as I can tell all the penalty is for the delinquent tax collector and
the Selectboard can't decide this.


According to the Vermont town officers book the law is 32 VSA   1674 "but is
at the discretion of the collector of delinquent taxes".

"Or voters can vote to pay the collector a salary in lieu of fees" 24 VSA


The warning has been printed they have not warned anything about changing
his payment. I know there was some sort of discussion on this 6-8 weeks ago,
I didn't know I needed to pay more attention. Any one already been there,
done that.



Tracy Black