We have an article this year that will ask the voters if we should stop
mailing the reports but rather have them available at the office and on the
website.  It has been available on the website for the past two years and
someone from the body last year wondered if we could do an email mail list
instead.  Think I would rather send them to the website than maintain a
list.  Would folks print of the warnings and budget pagers to bring to the
meeting.or would we make copies  to have available?


The paper copies will never go away completely but a reduction in the
quantity we print would be helpful. (There are people without computers
and/or prefer to read hard copies). AND, what bothers me more than anything
about Town Reports, is the number that travel right from the mail box into
the trash/recycle bins. 






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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering what other towns who have websites do about distribution of
their Annual Town Report.  We still mail hard copies to voters in our small
town, but I'm wondering if it would be acceptable, once our website is up
and working, to just have a PDF copy available electronically on the website
and emailable.   Would it be kosher to eliminate the paper report
altogether?  Have any towns done that?