Yes town clerk can be lister and collect taxes

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In regards to incompatible offices can a Town Clerk be a Lister?  Can a Treasurer/Collector of Current Taxes be a Lister?
Thank you!
Roberta Dana
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Groton, VT
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Hi all.  It will be up to the new clerk to decide whether or not to change the vault combination.  On the issue of incompatibility of offices, a selectboard member may be a second constable.  The reason the selectboard  member cannot serve as a first constable is because in the event that you do not elect a delinquent tax collector the constable serves in this role -- and the offices of selectboard and tax collector are incompatible.  Deb

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Hi all,

We have two questions from the Selects:  1. Since I am retiring in March (I will stay as the new clerk’s assistant) should the combination of the vault be changed?

  1. On the issue of incompatibility of offices, the 1st Constable cannot also be a selectman; how about 2nd constable?  We have a guy running for both.

Thank you,

Kathy Bergen

Wells Town Clerk/Treasurer for one more month!  Yeah!