Very interesting because we've noted the same pattern here in Windsor with the moderator.  I'd love to find a voter that votes this way and ask him/her what the reasoning it behind it.
Marianne in Windsor
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Well, Susie, it will be interesting to see how the votes fall for your
two offices. I have noticed that, depending on which office is on the
ballot first, if someone is running for two offices, the second one gets
fewer votes. We have always gotten a kick out of our Town
Moderator/School Moderator getting fewer votes for the second position
on the ballot, as if, somehow, he weren't as effective after lunch as in
the morning. I observed that the time I was on the ballot for reelection
for library trustee and cemetery trustee, I received fewer votes for the
second office on the ballot.

Just a theory. Nothing scientific.


Susie Haughwout wrote:
> I am a Selectboard member in Wilmington. There was an open seat two
> years ago and no one turned in a petition, so I did. My term is up
> this year and I turned in a petition to run again. Even though there
> is no statutory conflict of interest prohibiting the Town Clerk to
> hold a Selectboard seat, some folks may not think it’s not a good
> idea. I fully expected opposition to my running again, but no one
> turned in a petition, so I am running unopposed. I also had to run for
> Town Clerk this year, also unopposed. That’s the biggest drawback,
> when you have to run for both offices in the same year.
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> Hi all,
> Just one more question. The incumbent Selectman just came in and said
> he is thinking of resigning. I think I talked him in doing that after
> the election since the ballots are back. If he indeed quits, is there
> any conflict with my applying for the position if I am Assistant Town
> Clerk/Treasurer?
> Thanks again,
> Kathy Bergen