Rutland City does not give any tax information over the phone.  All requests must be faxed or in person, and we keep a copy of the information we send by fax for back up and for duplicate requests. 

We have set up a public terminal for our abstractors and attorneys to search if they wish (NEMRC, read only for UB and TA).  Also, it’s a self service terminal for tax bill copies.


Wendy Wilton

Rutland City Treasurer

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Here is a question prompted by the inquiries about charging for duplicate tax bills (the Village of Essex Junction does not charge).  How do other municipalities handle giving out tax info over the phone?  Most of the calls we get this time of year are from people doing their income taxes and we have started to tell people that we will send a copy of the tax bill (either by fax or mail), but we do not give out the SPAN number or tax amounts over the phone.



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