We have the same sort of situation up here, and even more ironic is that both properties are also listed on the internet as rental units.
Married couple, both names on deed, have actually 3 parcels I know of and claiming homestead on two.

Now after Mr. Salmon went on TV yesterday and asked everyone to report fraud don't you think this is a timely discussion?
I think this is even a bigger fraud perpetuated upon the state then the other stuff.

Jennifer Hanlon
UTG Supervisor

PS - you can now see a photo of our new place on our homepage

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> Subject: Re: Residential vs Non Residential
> We have a married couple that own property in Groton and property in 
> Orange.  Both names are on both deeds.  They claim two homesteads and get 
> homestead tax rate on both.  Have never been able to get the Tax Dept 
> to do a thing about it.  Doesn't seem right to me.
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> Subject: Residential vs Non Residential
> Question of the day:  We have a married couple in town, they own two 
> houses.  She lives in one and he lives in the other.  Can they get the 
> residential rate on both.  The two houses are owned jointly by both per 
> the deeds. Sherry/ Burke Listers Office