Just to clarify,

The Farm to Plate Working Sessions are not open – they are invite only. I imagine many if not most/all of the folks invited to this session are on the NewFarmerNet list, but I know VSJF is working hard to keep working groups small and diverse, to insure the breadth of players are represented but that the quality of the discussion is very high. I wasn’t invited to this working group and I’m not involved in the Farm to Plate work directly, but just want to provide clarity in case others weren’t invited but are thinking about attending, since I’ve had a lot of dialog with Kit and VSJF staff about these sessions.



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Ela Chapin, Program Director

Vermont Farm Viability Enhancement Program

VT Housing & Conservation Board

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I assume that many of you our on their mailing list, though perhaps not specifically for this session?

See below:

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February 26, 2010


Dear Mike,


Please Save the Date to join us for an important Farm to Plate Working Session:

We are writing to invite you to join a small group of your peers and colleagues on Tuesday March 23rd, 9:30am – 3:30pm (lunch provided) in Montpelier at Vermont College, Room 208, for a facilitated working session on Farmland Access for All Stages and Scales of Vermont Farm Businesses.


The primary purpose of this in depth working session is to bring together key stakeholders with knowledge, influence and commitment in the area of farmland access to review initial research findings based on data and stakeholder feedback we’ve received, and to comment on draft goals, objectives, strategies, priority investments and recommendations. 


Please see the attached document for more information about the Farm to Plate Initiative, and we will be sending a more formal invitation and agenda next week.


Thank you and I hope you can join us on March 23rd.





Kit Perkins, Project Manager

Farm to Plate Initiative -


Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Tel:  (802) 425-3013 (Home Office)