I know this doesn't help right now, but Moodle has announced that 2.0 will
be out this July, in time for next school year.  Among the improvements will
be a "gradable" blog (with the ability to create blog "assignments"),
according to this source:

In the mean time, I would agree online text assignment seems to be a good
way to go (if you want to grade).  There is a teacher here who does these as
"exit cards."  Kind of a pain to have to re-create them each time with new
dates, but it works well for him.

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> I just had this discussion with a teacher.  I need to do some more research
> on it.  According to the help menu the journal feature was changed with
> v.1.5 and put into the assignment area - haven't done the research yet.  The
> teacher doesn't want to use a forum because she wants to keep it private,
> but she still wants to do prompts.  If anyone knows more about this, please
> post!
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> What is the best method for a weekly journal/blog?    I tried the journal
> function but it only allows for one entry.    I was hoping for something
> that only myself and the student can see and I can comment on.
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