Hi Drew,

Take a look at our site.  We have really stepped up the Board's presence in
relation to the budget.  I have not heard a response from the teachers.  I
could be the nature of our budget and how prepared the teachers were for the
changes.  What has been really wild in our town of Westford is the Front
Porch Forum which has a lot of back and forth from the community and the
Board (more the community!).  Sorry for your troubles, but I would say that
the Board owns their site.  They should be careful of fair labor practices
and common sense things that burn up good will.

David Wells, Principal @ Westford

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 7:38 AM, Drew Blanchard <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> It's contract negotiations time in Winooski, and the school's website is
> caught in the crossfire.  As one of the Website's administrators, I'm now
> looking at biased talking points from the school board linked on the site's
> main page, with an angry teachers' union breathing down my neck requesting
> equal time and space on the site.  I find this whole thing an extremely
> inappropriate use for our site.  Have any other districts used their
> school's Website for such purposes?  It feels like an unprofessional "he
> said, she said" sort of thing, but if it's a commonly accepted use for the
> site, well, I should smile and nod and keep my mouth shut.
> Are other schools' sites used this way during contract negotiations?
> Winooski's main page<>
> Talking points page<>
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