Take a look at  I used Packetfence about 4 or 5 years ago when it still did ARP poisoning and I was able to really lock down our campus.  I was at a private boarding school and it had no problems keeping student machines off the network that had issues (viruses, lack of patches, whatever you wanted to define) and it tied into AD (I only allowed students to have 2 or 3 devices registered on the network at any time).  I have followed its development since then and it now has backing from Inverse and works off of VLANs.


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What are others using for endpoint security devices, (i.e. Bradford Networks
Campus Manager) to manage access to the network by students and guests as
well as keeping your confidential data secure?  Wireless access included. 
We want our students to have access to wireless and ethernet but want to
protect our teacher infrastructure.  I know vlans are great but it needs to
adapt to who what and where the connection takes place.