One thought is that the Hosts file has a map between 
and a bogus IP address (old trick to make a site off limits).  I think 
the hosts is in somewhere in the Windows folder hierarchy, inside a 
folder called etc.  Don't remember exactly.

I've also seen a situation where a clock being years off makes 
certificates fail.  Usually it just makes trusted sites untrusted, but 
who knows.  And gmail is now https by default....

Craig Lyndes

On 2/18/2010 12:21 PM, Bryan Thompson wrote:
> All,
> One of our central office secretaries has a laptop she uses for work 
> at home - she is able to browse every web page except for 
> <>, or our gmail domain. 
> Firefox tells me that the web page is not secure, and IE tells me 
> there is a problem with the Internet and cannot see the page. I 
> thought it was a firewall problem so I disabled the firewall - no 
> good. Then I thought it was an Internet security problem, and I turned 
> off IE's security settings - no good.
> Any ideas? I'm guessing Firefox is correct that there is a certificate 
> problem, but I can't imagine how to fix it. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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> Winooski School District
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