As a Montpelier resident, I remember that controversy!  I still think the web site is a great place to inform voters....and that means provide them with information, not telling them how to vote in ANY way.


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> but I would say that the Board owns their site.

The school board doesn't own the site; the taxpayers do.  And, yes, the
school board members represent the taxpayers, but it isn't necessarily
that straight forward.  Some years ago, our school board chose to do a
mailing to its constituents to explain why they felt the proposed budget
should be passed. You might think (as I did) that this was appropriate for
the board to do, but a group of taxpayers brought a lawsuit against the
board and superintendent for using taxpayer money to promote the board's
position.   After a year or so of preliminaries (even I had to give a
deposition stating how I had helped print mailing labels), the school
district decided that the plaintiffs had enough of a case to settle with
them out of court.