*Fellow UVMers,*

It is my pleasure to inform you that your SGA advocated loud and clear for
you at last week’s Board of Trustees meeting.  The SGA Executive Committee
came together and developed a strong message communicating the concern for
our undergraduate academic experience here at UVM.  Vice President Kate Ash
executed the well-thought and powerful oral report instead of me, as I was
dealing with health issues, and pushed for a re-evaluation of our financial
model.  Here are a few quotes from Vice President Ash’s report to give you a
snapshot of her communication:

   - “We understand the economic model, and that traditionally, it takes
   more tuition dollars to supply us with the ideal experience; but we also
   understand that we have reached a moment in that model where we are now no
   longer willing to keep spending more to get more.”

   -  “Students are content with the student experience, but fear that we
   have reached a tipping point.  For those of us who have been members of UVM
   for more than two years, we acknowledge that our environment is changing;
   not only in the number of students passing through campus, but also in the
   increase in large scale educational initiatives, and capital planning

   -  “Students want to see UVM sustain its commitment to academic
   excellence despite the economic contraction and budget crisis.   Instead of
   developing new programs, we want to see the new enrollments include more
   Vermont students who are most competent in the classrooms - even if they
   cannot pay.”

   - •“If the University continues to build, fund, and invest in outside
   programs rather than sustaining the current academic experience, we will
   continue to question whether or not the goal is academics, or prestige.”

We will continue to communicate all updates we hear as a result of this past
meeting.  There will be a *Budget Forum this Wednesday, February 10th* from
3-4pm in the Livak Ballroom in which Vice President for Finance Richard Cate
will be presenting on the UVM Budget.  This information will be very
important for students to hear as we approach the final conversations on the
FY2011 budget proposal.

Switching gears, your SGA is hosting a *Benefit Dance for Haiti this
Thursday, February 11th*! It will be from 9:30PM to 2am in Billings North
Lounge and there will be two DJ’s performing—Vasilis Varsakopoulos and Count
Blattula.  All you need to do is bring your friends and $5 dollars for
admission as all the proceeds will be sent to Partners in Health.  The dance
is going to be awesome and it’s a great way to kick of the Valentine’s

I will end here for this week, but as we progress deeper into the spring
semester, make sure you keep in touch with some of the larger university
initiatives that are occurring like the Spires of Excellence (the Faculty
Senate is voting tonight on all 8 proposals), and the General Education
discussion.  Here are a couple resources to glance over and<>.

From the SGA President’s Email This Week:*

Black History Month Events
Student Research Conference Workshop—Tues., Feb. 9th
UVM Budget Forum—Wed., Feb. 10th
Relay for Life Kick Off Event—Wed., Feb. 10th
CPR & First Aid Classes
Social Justice Scholarships
Good News! The U.S. Census Bureau is Recruiting Workers
This Week in Vermont Athletics

For information about these events please visit
*SGA Matters:*

*Haiti Dance*
When: Thursday Night, February 11th
Time: 9pm-2am
Where:  Billings North Lounge
Why: To raise money for Haiti

*Haiti Coffee for Sale in Davis Center*
We are selling Haitian coffee in the Davis Center all week during the
mornings.  All revenue is going directly to Haitian coffee farmers and we
are asking for $2 donations.  So start the day off on a different foot with
a cup of Haitian coffee!!
Winter Activities Week*
WAW is a fun event where clubs take over the Davis Center.  SGA has already
reserved tables all over the building and clubs that sign up will be given a
table to use.  It is a wonderful way to network with other clubs, recruit,
and fundraise. Each day will be for a specific group of clubs.

• Monday Feb. 8th: Club Sports
• Tuesday Feb 9th: Educational Clubs
• Wednesday Feb 10th: Media & Political Clubs
• Thursday Feb 11th: Cultural and Outdoor Recreation Clubs

If you have a question about which group your club belongs to you can check
on the Student Activities Committee page on the SGA website at

*Next SGA Meeting*
Tuesday, February 9th in the Livak Ballroom on the 4th Floor of the Davis

*Public Forum*
-The Water Tower
-Members of the Burlington City Council

*Old Business*
*Resolution Supporting Student Neighborhood Initiative*, sponsored by the
COLA Committee.

*New Business*
*Resolution Supporting the Decommissioning of Vermont Yankee*, sponsored by
Chair Maciewicz.

For more information on the SGA visit

Bryce Jones
Student Government Association
University of Vermont

Dudley H. Davis Center
590 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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